Keeping our seafood local

The Establishment is a proud member of the SC Aquarium's Good Catch Program. We gladly support efforts to protect and sustainably source one of our most valuable local resources: our seafood!

What is Good Catch?

Good Catch empowers consumers to learn about sustainable seafood and support businesses that source their seafood locally. They work closely with businesses who purchase and sell seafood to be come a Good Catch partner. There are varying levels of partnership based on specific requirements.

How do we define local seafood?

We define “local” as seafood harvested from North Carolina through the east coast of Florida. Seafood harvested in this region is managed by multiple state and federal agencies that are charged with creating and implementing some of the strongest seafood regulations in the world.

What is a Good Catch partner?

A Good Catch partner is a restaurant (like The Establishment!), business, purveyor or caterer that dedicates efforts to communicate sustainably sourced seafood to their customers, purchases a certain percentage of their seafood from local sources and/or eliminates or minimizes plastic use based on local ordinances. Good Catch partners pay a membership fee and receive specialized benefits from the Aquarium. A full list of partners can be found on the Aquarium website, in the Good Catch Seafood Survey or at the Information Desk.

How will it serve our community?

Good Catch educates consumers on how to interpret which seafood options are local and sustainable, increases demand and consumption of locally sourced seafood, supports and promotes businesses who commit to providing and identifying local seafood options and make s local seafood accessible to all community members.

How can you get involved?

Visit a Good Catch partner and purchase local seafood from their selection
Download the South Carolina Aquarium Citizen Science app on iPhone or Android devices.
You will need to create an account and join the Good Catch Seafood Survey project to find partner restaurants and log where you find local, sustainable seafood options around town.